The Louisville PFLAG Chapter began with the initiatives of three mothers of gay children. After marching in Louisville’s first gay march, the March on Justice, on June 27, 1987, the three women met and began the organizing process for the local PFLAG Chapter. After contacting the National PFLAG headquarters for information, the wheels began turning.
The women attended a National PFLAG Conference in Washington, D.C. in October of 1987 & the leadership presented enthusiastic reports that motivated the women to establish an official PFLAG Chapter on November 13, 1988.
The first meetings were held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Louisville. After several very busy years, which included sponsoring the beginning of the Louisville Youth Group (LYG) and an accumulation of funds, the chapter adopted its first set of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation on July 3, 1991. Known now as PFLAG of Metropolitan Louisville, the chapter was certified as an incorporated body on July 22, 1991.
Beginning on September 9, 1989 through the present day, the Chapter has presented panel discussions on homophobia, taken part in advancing the gay rights ordinance, which was passed in 1999, held presentations to the school system and the Association of Counselors in Kentucky regarding the needs of GBLT students, as well as, presentations to local churches, and colleges. PFLAG takes part in marching in the PRIDE Parade during Pride month in June & staffs an informational booth at Pridefest. For many years, PFLAG has provided phone support through the PFLAG voice mail phone line and now has a very informative and creative web site.
The Bruce and Margaret Lincoln PFLAG Scholarship Award Banquet is held every April in which a local GBLT youth is presented with a scholarship from Louisville PFLAG. Advocacy is an important mission of PFLAG, as many PFLAG members make lobbying visits to Frankfort to speak to their representatives concerning issues that affect their GBLT children.